Remote learning during the COVID-19 response

Remote Learning Policy

The DfE have asked all schools to prepare a Remote Learning Policy and to clarify the procedure and provision for children in the event of absence caused by Covid 19. 

We have created a clear and structured approach for online learning, and we are in the process of ensuring the children know how to log in, engage and complete the tasks set whilst on lockdown at home should that eventuality happen again.

The main stages of remote learning provision are:

  • Stage 1: Any child who is absent because they are awaiting test results and the household is required to self-isolate for 10-14 days. The rest of their school bubble are attending school and taught as normal.
  • Stage 2: Any child whose whole year group / bubble is not permitted to attend school because they, or another member of their bubble, have tested positive for Covid-19. (following advice form PHE and DfE)
  • Stage 3: A child whose bubble/year group has closed due to whole school closure or whose class is on rotation due to staff shortages, or a local or national lockdown.

In the event of a child at Stage 1, 2 and 3 there will be activities, lessons and guidance set in our 'Get Going' page on the school website. These activities will provide learning opportunities for your child for 2 - 3 days until the formal online curriculum can be activated. In Stage 1, should a child receive a negative test result, they should return to school as usual and the online provision ceases to continue. The provision does not apply for standard sickness absence but only for Covid related illness or Covid related isolation periods.

For more information please see the document below.

Remote learning documents

How to access remote learning

To help you access all relevant online platforms for remote learning we have created some simple video guides on how to do it. 

For the latest on the Covid procedures at Wallace Fields Junior School and links to Government guidelines go to



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