Number Sense: This is targeted, small group work that focuses on number and manipulating number to solve problems. The unit takes approximately 10-12 weeks and a baseline and end of topic diagnostic assessment is completed to assess impact. Our fully trained Number Sense teacher liaises with our Maths lead and SENDCo, using the latest assessment, to decide on the groups each term that will be targeted by this intervention programme. Three 40-minute sessions are carried out per week over the required period of time. One group of children is identified termly for this programme. Mrs Fowler is our Number Sense expert.
SNAP Maths: SNAP is an established mathematics intervention programme for the primary phase. It is designed to identify and address gaps in knowledge and dispel misconceptions that some children have. The programme consists of practical activities that focus on and reinforce key objectives. It is run by a year group teaching assistant outside of the maths lesson. .


Some children are identified as needing some initial support in pre-teaching vocabulary and key skills prior to lesson, so that they can succeed as much as possible within the lessons themselves. These are completed as directed by the group teacher and can be very flexible in its approach to introducing and embedding learning.

Times Tables Rockstars:

Some children are given extra time and support in practicing key multiplication skills, improving fluency and reducing cognitive load in lessons that are based in the use of multiplication. Click here for more information on multiplication tables and Times Table Rockstars. 

Other interventions that run in school related to Maths, that SEND children access include: 

  • Small group maths teaching with teaching assistant support.    
  • Specific personalised activities on Mathletics.    
  • SNAP maths group with a teaching assistant for consolidation of the foundations of mathematics.    
  • Number Sense maths group with a higher level teaching assistant for understanding the number system and fluency with number facts    

Additional challenges provided:

Some children are incredibly able in Maths and therefore require extra challenges to deepen and broaden skills and understanding. We provide challenges through the use of NRich problems, challenge days and competitions. We have taken part in The Primary Maths Challenge in Year 5 and Year 6 for a number of years. We identify and send groups of mathematicians to compete in a range of competitions such as Maths Quiz Club. We have also previously attended Maths workshops and adventure days when run in local secondary schools.