Netball squad

Every year we have a Year 6 netball squad that trains in the Autumn, Winter and Spring term.  Trials happened in the Autumn term and the teams are selected. The team consists of boys and girls. Those selected will be invited to train each Wednesday from 3.20-4.30pm.  They must remember to bring a change of clothes (not school PE kits please) and their water bottle.  They will get changed in 5S or 6H and will be expected to change back into their school uniform before leaving.  If this is an issue for you, please speak to Mr Lee.

The squad trains until Easter and does not run in the Summer term.  If the weather is very bad, training may have to be cancelled so please be prepared for late notice. If we have very wet or icy weather, the session will have to be cancelled as the hall would not be a suitable alternative and may already be in use.  If your child cannot attend a session for any reason, I would be grateful if you notify myself or the office in advance.  Please note that during the last half term of the Winter term and first half term of the Spring term, children will not be released to walk home unaccompanied due to the limited daylight, as per the school policy.

Along with the privilege of being selected to represent the school comes the responsibilty of leading by example.  Therefore, any child who repeatedly misbehaves at school, either on or off the court, will be swapped with a player from the C team without hesitation.

Parents are kept informed via Spond by Mr Sellars, the netball team co-ordinator. Please contact Mr Sellars to join our team Spond group so you can be alerted to any last minute cancellations or specific match details.

Don’t forget a water bottle.

Netball fixtures

In early spring we start playing our inter-school netball fixtures against the local Epsom and Ewell schools and then at the end of the spring term there is normally a district netball rally which is always well attended.

Netball Match Reports

Wallace Fields V St Martin's - Wednesday 24th January 2024

Our netball team played an away match against St Martin's. Our team again showed much determination throughout the match.  Although St Martin's agility made it really challenging for our players to mark.  WFJS kept on trying and managed to steal the ball back on a few occasions.  Finding Ayesha and Jessica to score.  Final score to St Joseph's 11, WFJS 6.  Well done to all the players, spectators and parents who took players to and from the venue.

Wallace Fields V St Martins - Wednesday 17th January 2024

On Wednesday 17th January 2024 our netball team played another fixture with St. Martins School.  A fun fixture in which WFJS players have started to cement their roles within the team. Great play from Dolsie who's fast feet saw her winning balls. Suria proved accurate as goal shooter and Quinn's quick thinking and agility landed him a well-deserved player of the match.  Although the team battled hard, St Martins proved to be the stronger team with their consistent ability to find space and shoot accurately.  A great lesson for WFJS who are proving that they learn and develop from every fixture. Thank you too all the players and spectators. Keep it up! Mr Sellars (Sports Lead).

Wallace Fields V St Martins - Wednesday 10th January 2024

Two teams took part in a netball fixture with St. Josephs hosted by Wallace Fields Junior School on Wednesday 10th January 2024. It was a brisk afternoon and St Josephs brought two very competitive sides.  Wallace Fields Juniors fought resiliently though they were unable to match St Josephs ability to find space and score. Wallace Fields Juniors resilience to keep battling for points was admirable and recognised by St Josephs who wrote- “ Wallace Fields children played great and although it did not go their way this time they did not give up and carried on even though it was so cold!” Many thanks to all the players and any supporters who braved the cold.  Mr Sellars. Sports Leader.